How To Use Your Present Perfect


  • Positive/Affirmative: subject + aux. verb + past participle
  • Negative: subject + aux. verb + past participle
  • Question: verb + subject + past participle

Auxiliary verb = have/has.

The past participle often ends in “ed” (finished/decided/worked/talked), but many important verbs are irregular and does not end in “ed

Examples: (lost/done/written/driven/thought etc.).


  • Where is your key? I don’t know. I have lost it. (Means: I don’t have it now)
  • He told me his name, but I have forgotten it. (Means: I can’t remember it now)
  • Is sally here? No, she has gone out. (Means: She is out now)
  • I can’t find my backpack. Have you seen it? (Means: Do you know where it is now?)

octubre 30, 2017

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