How To Use Your Past Simple Forms

This is a grammatical tense used to describe an action happening or which  somebody was doing at a particular time.


Positive/affirmative:      (subject + was/were + verb + ing)

Negative:                        (subject + was/were + not + verb + ing)

Question:                       (was/were + subject + verb + ing)

Let’s study the following example situation:

 Yesterday Karina and Jim played tennis. They began at 10 o’clock and finished at 11.30. So, at 10.30 they were playing tennis.

They were playing   =  they were in the middle of playing. They had not finished playing.

Was/were + ing verb is the past continuous:

I/he/she/it      was

we/you/they   were



       working etc.

I was doing something = I was on the middle of doing something at a certain time. The action or situation had already started before this time, but had not finished yet.

  • This time last year I was living in Canada.
  • What were you doing at 10 o’clock last night?
  • I waved to Helen, but she wasn’t looking.
  • What was John doing at 10pm last night?

octubre 30, 2017

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